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Become Somebody

Company branding is a combination of brand image and brand perception. The strategy behind it is managing both to send the same message. With ProGeni, it is now affordable at a small company level!

Make it Special

In the Golden age of Video, video editing is not just about creating entertainment. It's about sending a message. Promote your product, your company, your self, online. Start a business on Twitch, become a Youtuber or just make fun videos. A Video CV will give you an edge because it shows who you are.

Talk to the World

The modern world views your online presence as your CV. ProGeni will help create your online pages, improve your social media presence and give your brand the right boost.


What We Offer

At ProGeni we offer a variety of services that will help your growing company get onto its own footing.

We offer Company Branding for small businesses and individuals, video editing to promote yourself, a service, a product or your company and social media managing to help get your message out there.

More About Our Services
Our Clients



Electrical Engineering Consultants. Long time client who have received the whole package service: rebranding with a new website, social media managing and video editing.


A successful, registered dietitian who runs his practice at Irene Village Care, Pretoria. ProGeni set up all his social media platforms, runs his website and edits all his vlogs.


Build the brand from the ground up. From colour choices to logo design, every aspect of this brand says the same message: it is mischievous and matches the brand message of fun.

Aspiring Professional

You might have the qualifications that companies are looking for, but you also need to know the best way to boast. A proper online CV will make the difference between a rejection and hire.

Using ProGeni’s services has taken my marketing and my business into a whole new league. Their prices were very reasonable and within a few days, the work that I received due to all the wonderful marketing that they did online had paid for itself. Marko’s work is phenomenal and his work ethic is even more impressive. He is very professional in his way of going about his work and I would highly recommend him.

We are working with ProGeni for more than 3 years. They designed and optimized our main website, build our social media presence and implemented new strategies to make our products more attractive. Google search results for our company immensely improved since their involvement.

ProGeni created a very successful web site for our Engineering company Dipro Consulting. It was much appreciated and highly recommended.

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